Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Back in China

Well I've been back here in China a few weeks now.  It seems like forever though.  Cast was taken off a few days before I flew back here April 12.  It was interesting however to fly from the Midwest back to the east coast with a cast on my leg.  Besides being hugely cumbersome, it was interesting going through security.  Actually, it wasn't as I had expected at all with not much of a hassle.  Thank goodness.  It was hard to carry a suitcase however and try and gimp along.  But, I made it.

At the moment I'm working on my Convention cards.  Again, I signed for too many things, with too little time, and lots of effort to get these done..... It is nice to be settled in one place for awhile so I can figure out why it is I didn't bring the proper product from SU with me to here.  I will have a few boxes to open when I get back to my house in New York. 

Last week I accompanied my favorite guy on a Silk Road  adventure.  Lamb was the meat of choice throughout the week and I wish I could fix lamb that deliciously.  What an adventure we had with 8 other travelers from around the world.  It was a good group and we all interacted very well.  The wildest adventure was the sale of animals in the animal market in Kashgar.  Yikes!  Between seeing animals fighting all day, one hugh mean looking bull falling into a water canal out of a tractor cart, and kids trying to herd goats, there were just too many photo opts to take them all in.  Forget about the dust.  I purchased a yak tail dust-buster that works pretty good moving dirt off of your clothes.  LOL

I wanted to mention the new summer catalog and comment.   I love it for the most part.  It has assortment and has choices.  There is some carryover from the previous mini which I find very interesting.  Do you think the products will then be carried in our next year's catalog? 

I have heard mumblings that some do not like it and the catalog is too short, unlike the other mini catalogs.  And, as I understand, the mini before the hugh yearly catalog is always somewhat shorter than the others.   At any rate, the nautical themed items I love, along with the vintage style stamps.  As I love to do miniature cards and things, the smaller stamps are perfect for me. 

Did you think about using these small stamps to create paper pieces to put into your jewelry necklace and bracelet.  Sort of hard to stamp a large print and try to get it to fit into the glass area unless you use something small don't you think. 

Here are some ideas for you:

Save paper by making small gift cards, you know, the 3x3 inch size.  One 12x12 inch piece of paper will give you 8 of the 3x3 inch size cards.  Cut your paper in half so you have two 6x6 inch pieces.  Then cut that into 3x6 inch sections, fold over and viola' a 3x3 card.  Now all you have to do is decorate it however you wish.

How about gift tags.  Layer some of the scrap pieces and you can make a very unusual card with just a few embellishments and it will be greatly appreciated by the recipient. 

Then we have the awesome bookmark!  Kids love bookmarks as do adults.  I hate to bend down the corner of a page in a book I'm reading!

Okay, that should get you started in your creative process.
Create and create but most of all---have lots of fun.

See you soon,  Marilyn

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