Thursday, June 10, 2010

Two Ideas Finished for Convention

Yep, already have two swaps completed!  Am I good or what?  Next I will try and figure out how to do the other ones.  Ha!  Okay, so there is still some time left, right?  Nothing like burning the mid-night oil.  Finished is my 3x3 swap and that was easy.  Next is my cd instructions for a project also easy and I added the drawing to the instructions yesterday.  Good thing I read them as I left out one little step.  ROTFL.  Harder is the two 6+1 although a small amount to make, they should be difficult ideas that should impress others.   HMMMM.   Then I understand I need to make a project to help teach about 90 people.  Oh Yea!  Then there is the 50/50 and shoebox, and last but not least is my own special swap card to trade.  Okay, time is ticking and it is already June 10th!!! What to do, what to do, what to do.  I have been playing all day with various ideas, none seem to jump out as great or even simple.  (drumming fingers on desktop--thinking)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Convention In The Air

Soon we are off to the Stampin' Up Covnention.  Needless to say I am probably entering too many swaps.  There is the 3x3 swap, then another one, next comes the 6+1 regular full card and I am doing that two times.  One swap will be 25/25 also regular full card and that entails twenty-five finished cards and 25 pre-packed sets ready to assemble.  Whew!  Also, we have the 75 + 1 swap again, regular size cards, and oh yes, one "fancy as you want" swap, a great cd swap by my friend Virginia Killmore, and finally the extra swaps that I just want to swap.  I have heard some people manage 400 samples to swap.  Aaaaaaa, I don't think so although I would LOVE to have 400 samples for ideas for the coming year.

I am all set, I have my papers, inks, assessories and stamps for 2011 Convention.  HooRay, HooRay, HooRay.  All I need to do now is start making cards.  I promise to start really, really, really soon.