Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Gee, am I ever behind--so far behind, I think I am ahead

Where oh where does the time go.  Here we are already past Mother's Day.  My Mom was 94 this year.  It was her sister who is 102 in March.  All of her siblings, and I mean all of them have been fortunate to live into their high 90's or early hundreds.  She says that her father made sure they had lots of fresh fruit when they were children and not to mention the fact they lived in the country and grew their own food, raised their own milk and meat.  Hmmmm!  Does that make anyone wonder why all the preservatives we use today causes issues perhaps?  

I have been busy trying to preserve my sanity as I prepare for several different cards to take to Convention in Salt Lake City.  Oh, lucky me, I get to go.  I am soooooo excited.  Shortly I will post my latest cards on my blog here for you to see and hope that you will enjoy them.  As for the cards for Salt Lake, not showing those till I'm on my way to SLC so it will be a surprise for all.  :)

Again, thanks for looking and enjoy your Spring weather.  We had snow on Mother's Day.  A first that I can remember where I live in upstate New York, when I am not overseas with my hubby.