Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer Flys Away and School Begins !!!

Here we are one day away from September 1 and most schools have started and for those parents who are STILL WAITING FOR SCHOOL TO START?  It really is only a few days away so HANG IN THERE!!!

I have been very busy designing new goodies for the upcoming holidays and getting ready to order from the new holiday catalog that begins September 1, 2010 in case you are interested.   There are so many items I love personally but then again, Christmas is my MOST FAV of all the holidays.  

I have also been working on new "star albums" to share with party goers on September 23 at a workshop.  We are all making the Star Album design as that was the project requested by the hostess.   Don't think I plan on doing this each and every time for a workshop, but I believe all those attending have had LOTS of experience with paper creating so it should go rather smoothly and most of the work has already taken place.  Can't wait to see if every one enjoys this great project.