Saturday, August 7, 2010

Redoing Art Room

I have taken on the Herculaneum task of cleaning my art/stampin room.  I don't know why I bother.  I have the help of "Fred" the basset hound and let me tell you, this dog is unbelievable.  He sits in the suitcase looking for goodies, he tips over the trash and drags the paper scraps out.  He seems to only like paper, especially that paper that is in the trash can.  He even unrolls the toliet tissue rolls in the bathrooms.  He thinks he is helping I suppose to clean the room I've made such a mess of.  The downside of straightening the room is where to move things to get them out of the way.  This morning Fred and I surveyed the attic, and naturally he found lots of things to get into in the attic, especially my Christmas ribbon.  I would like to package him up with a bow and send him as a COD delivery.  That area is also over stored so to speak although  I suppose, I could get an extra large trash removal bin and start excvating out the window and then my husband would be relieved to see all the "junk" disappear.  I need to think more about this project!  So, I believe I will return to the computer and survey what others are doing today and search for enlightenment while Fred curls up in the wing-back chair and continues to chew on his bone that he previously hid under the rug on the floor.  I know he thinks he is hiding things while he works so hard to "dig" a hole in the blanket.  Poor dog.  He does have a large backyard to roam in but then that means he can't see me, be with me, and otherwise incratiate himself into my life by becoming "velcro" dog.  Oh well.